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Edible Nuts


We offer quality selections of macadamia nuts from Australia, South Africa, Brazil and the U.S.A.

In-shell macadamias


Small: under 19 mm.
Regular: 19 – 23 mm.
Large: 22 – 25 mm and 24 mm and up.

Shelled macadamias

The shelled macadamia nuts are available in the following styles:

Style 0: Wholes – Contains 95% large whole kernels. Sizes 22 mm and up.
Style 1: Wholes – At least 90% whole kernels. Sizes 17 mm and up.
Style 2: Wholes and halves – At least 50% whole kernels. Sizes 13 mm and up.
Style 3: Wholes and halves – At least 15% whole kernels and at least 90% half and larger kernels. Sizes 15 mm and up.
Style 4: Halves and pieces – Contains at least 80% half kernels and no more than 5% wholes. Sizes 9 mm and up.
Style 5: Large chips – Roasted product. Size 9 – 12 mm.
Style 6: Chips – Sizes 5 mm and up.
Style 7: Small chips – Roasted product. Size 3 – 6 mm.
Style 8: Fines – Sizes smaller than 3 mm.

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Nature Commodities stands for quality, from our selection of the products to our logistics partners. The carefully selected macadamia nuts are shipped directly from the countries of origin to your requested destination. With short lead times and BRC and IFS standards, we ensure top product quality and service. Shipments are organized FCL and LCL. Extended services such as consolidation of part loads are available.

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