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Edible Seeds

Pumpkin seeds

We offer quality selections of pumpkin seeds from China, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Pumpkin seeds from China

Snow White and Shine Skin.

In-shell pumpkin seeds

Snow White grades and sizes:

AAA: 13 mm and over
AA: 12,5 mm
AA: 12 mm
A: 11 mm
A: 10,5 mm
A: 10 mm

Shine Skin grades and sizes:

AAA: 11 mm and over
AA: 10,5 mm
A: 10 mm

Pumpkin seed kernels

AAA, AA and A.

150 – 200 pcs per ounce.

Pumpkin seeds from Bulgaria

Snow White, Shine Skin, Lady Nail and Grown Without Shell (GWS).

In-shell pumpkin seeds


Snow White: 15 mm, 14 mm, 13 mm, 12 mm and 11 mm.
Shine Skin: 10 mm, 9 mm and 8 mm.
Lady Nail: 8+ mm, 7+ mm and 5.5 – 7 mm.

Pumpkin seed kernels


Snow White: A
Shine Skin: AA, AA&A and A
GWS: AAA, AA and A

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Nature Commodities stands for quality, from our selection of the products to our logistics partners. The quality selections of pumpkin seeds are shipped directly from the countries of origin to your requested destination. With short lead times and BRC and IFS standards, we ensure top product quality and service. Shipments are organized FCL and LCL. Extended services such as consolidation of part loads are available.

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